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Girl Rock!

Genres: Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Tuesdays 7pm - 8pm

Hosts: Emerson Barrett, Abby Oser, and Alexa Bowman Olay

Showcasing women & non-binary artists in indie rock, alternative, and beyond!

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girl rock! 4/23/24

Try not to cry... this is Abby's farewell :(( We are so sad to see her go, but so proud to see her leave !! Enjoy her last set <3...

DJ Abby Oser

girl rock! 4/16/24

We're saying goodbye to Emerson, so hold in your tears and immerse yourself in a blend of her personal music !!

DJ Abby Oser

girl rock! 4/9/2024

Hellloooo... we're nearing the end, so tune in to our last regular show before we say farewell to the senior cohosts :(

DJ Abby Oser

girl rock! 4/2/24

Happy Tuesday... unfortunately, we won't be hosting a show today..... SIKE! Enjoy our AMAZING (per usual) playlist!

DJ Abby Oser

girl rock 3/26/24

AHH! WE'RE BACK!! We have some cool music for you today... METAL (rock on!) Listen with open ears and sink into the music ;)

DJ Abby Oser

girl rock 03/12/2024

kick off your boots and sit back with girl rock tonight, country edition!

DJ Abby Oser

girl rock 3/5/2024

bubblegum vibes with a touch of bedroom pop! pls enjoy!

DJ Abby Oser

girl rock 2/27/24

The final installment of the Black History Month episodes! This week sampled Afropop, songs featured on movie soundtracks, and some classic ...

DJ Abby Oser

girl rock! 2/13/24

♫ Cause I'm sooo in love with youuuu ... ♫ HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY LOVERS! We have a GREAT playlist for you all <3 Enjoy babes :))...

DJ Abby Oser

girl rock! 2/6

The first episode of our Celebration of Black History Month series!

DJ Abby Oser

girl rock! 1/30/24

hey y'all! this week was full of bangers (+ a few chill songs to even it out 😌) - hope y'all enjoy!

DJ Abby Oser

girl rock! 1/23/24

girl what?? GIRL ROCK!! We're back (yippie)! We have some amazing songs for y'all, so stay tuned!

DJ Abby Oser

girl rock! 1/16/23

Heyyyyy y'all!! We're back and better than ever with some queer vibezzzzz! I hope you eat it up as much as we did <3

DJ Abby Oser

girl rock! 1/9/23

WE ARE SO BACK!! Hope your break was just as good as ours; we have some AMAZING bops that we've listened to over the break! Enjoyyy!! ...

DJ Abby Oser

girl rock! 11/28/23

Hey Everyone! This week we did folk music... mostly! We had a quick punk intermission to reminisce over Punktober :)

DJ Abby Oser

girl rock 11/14/2023

heading into mid-november with a touch of southern gothic vibes!

DJ Abby Oser


Another amazing instance of girl rocking punktober.

DJ Ibrahim Abotaleb