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girl rock! 1/9/23

by Abby Oser



GIRL ROCK! is back, starting off the new year with some songs that we have been listening to since you last heard from us. We're back at it with a playlist that seems totally random all together – but is it really? Yes, it is. 

HOT TO GO! // Chappel Roan
Everything is Boring // The Beaches
Little Sadie // Crooked Still
Prism // Say She She

Bloom //  ネクライトーキー (Necry Talkie) 
Petals // Hole
Cowboy Gangster Politician // Goldie Boutilier
Mouthful of Blood // Juliana Hatfield

girlfriend // hemlocke springs
Começa // Pongo
Honey // Samia
Your Light // The Big Moon

Machinist // Japanese Breakfast
We're All Doomed // Shallow Alcove
That Night // Lucia Zambetti
another seventeen // florence road