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Music you
don’t hear on
the radio

We are often asked why we do not play more mainstream music, or why we do not stick with a more conventional “college radio” format. The answer is multifaceted: as a student-run radio station at a prestigious institute of higher education, we are obligated to provide an experience that is educational as well as enjoyable to our listeners. WREK differentiates itself from other radio stations (both commercial and non-commercial) in the Atlanta market by playing atypical music–particularly music that is outside the cultural mainstream. Therefore, the musical acts that you hear on WREK are generally not the same acts that appear on the Billboard charts or even on the CMJ Top 10. We do not exclude this music because it is necessarily bad music; it is simply unnecessary and in fact wasteful for us to play the music that commercial radio stations are already playing when we have the somewhat unique opportunity to maintain our commitment to “Quality, Diverse Music” rather than being the willing pawns of the music industry.

Sound Blocks

Our regular rotation sound blocks take up most of the daytime broadcast hours and generally involve a specific musical genre(s).


Weekend Cornucopia

A weekend full of diverse music from all over the world: folk and indigenous (“world”) musics, bluegrass/country, blues, reggae, jazz, classical, and plenty of music that’s simply unclassifiable.

Just Jazz

The Classics

Overnight Alternatives


Rock, Rhythm, and Roll

Public Affairs

WREK does more than ‘just play music.’ Part of WREK’s mission is to serve the community, and one of the ways we fulfill that mission is to include regular public affairs programming in our schedule.

Alternative Radio

Cambridge Forum

51 Percent

This Way Out

Between the Lines

The Best of Our Knowledge

Planetary Radio

Tech Nation

Speciality Shows

Our specialty show programming is a gateway to a focused sound, movement, or era of music from the lens of WREK's very own exceptional student DJs.

    Day of the Week:

Island Flyover logo

Island Flyover

Hosts: Cam Hyde

Whether you want to unwind or dance the night away, Island Flyover transports you to a peaceful paradise through the sounds of atmospheric R&B, international pop, and tropical lofi. Sit back and enjoy the purest relaxing dance music our digital island system has to offer, only on Island Flyover.

Sundays 6pm - 7pm

International Pop, Atmospheric RnB, Bossa Nova, Bedroom Pop, Lofi

Miku Nation logo

Miku Nation

Hosts: Simon Zhang

MIKU NATION celebrates the VOCALOID subculture, from its inception in the early 2000s to the world-wide present-day success. While often misunderstood in America, the cultural impact of HATSUNE MIKU and other vocal synthesizers cannot be denied. Tune in to experience everything the Japanese internet creative scene has to offer.

Thursdays 4pm - 5pm

Vocaloid, J-pop, J-rock, Electronic

Secondhand Smoke logo

Secondhand Smoke

Hosts: Alex Tyler

The latest in electronic and dance, mixed with its origins. Maintained exposure - its Secondhand Smoke.

Fridays 4pm - 5pm

New Releases, Techno, House, Jungle, Electronic, Live

Retrograde Riffs logo

Retrograde Riffs

Hosts: Devin Martin

An all out 80s music show laying down the most radical obscurities of the era.

Sundays 9pm - 10pm

Rock, Synthpop, New Wave

SWARM logo


Hosts: Kline Pressley

Evolving from the punk music scene, hardcore music was the start of faster and more extreme music. SWARM dives into all things hardcore punk and includes the harsher side of screamo, grindcore, and metalcore. Controlled chaos, distorted riffs, and pure anger bring SWARM a unique sound on air.

Mondays 11pm - 12am

Beatdown, Crust Punk, D-Beat, Emocore, Emoviolence, Grindcore, Hardcore Punk, Japanese Hardcore, New York Hardcore, Mathcore, Melodic Hardcore, Metalcore, Powerviolence, Sasscore, Skramz, Thrashcore

Vannam Vanam logo

Vannam Vanam

Hosts: Kaushika Mohan, Vaishnavi Duvvuri

A showcase of music in Telugu and Tamil, two South Indian languages. Vannam means color in Tamil, and Vanam means garden/forest in Telugu, Tamil, and Sankrit. We’ll be diving into the garden of colorful music that the Tamil and Telugu music industries have to offer.

Wednesdays 5pm - 6pm

Kollywood, Tollywood, Filmi

Velvet logo


Hosts: Rebecca Fishman

Velvet brings you smooth waves of and inspired by contemporary r&b and soul. Each week's freshly mixed tracks focus on feelings of peace, freedom, and growth, and our monthly specials spotlight artists from local and international stages. However you're spending your evening, feel free to tune in and sway along.

Wednesdays 6pm - 7pm

Neo-Soul, Alternative RnB

Mode 8 logo

Mode 8

Hosts: Tyler Rhine

Mode 8 (formerly Mode 7) plays the best of video game music. Original soundtracks, classic chiptunes, and awesome fan-made remixes, we play them all!

Wednesdays 8pm - 9pm

Video Game, Chiptune, Instrumental

Messy Life logo

Messy Life

Hosts: Devin Kelsey

A celebration of any and all emotional hardcore, Messy Life showcases the diverse, complex, riff-heavy, and introspective world of midwest emo, emo revival & skramz. Stretching from 90s classics to the latest and greatest DIY acts, we explore everything the emo umbrella has to offer!

Thursdays 5pm - 6pm

Midwest Emo, Post Hardcore, Math Rock, Skramz, Screamo

Meltdown logo


Hosts: Jude McLaren

Each week we spotlight an artist's discography. We talk about their origins, why we like the artist, fun facts, and some commentary on the songs as well!

Mondays 8pm - 9pm

Talk, Music

Lian Yi logo

Lian Yi

Hosts: Claire Deng

In Mandarin, 涟漪 (lián yī) refers to the delicate water ripples produced by wind, forever spreading outwards. It also describes that skip in your heartbeat when you are moved. In the show Lian Yi, we hope to spread beloved music from the hearts of the Sino diaspora to you. From huge Mandopop hits to hidden indie gems, drop by drop, explore the world of Chinese music.

Mondays 7pm - 8pm

C-Pop, Cantopop, Taiwanese pop, Mandopop

KBops logo


Hosts: Sonal Bhurga

KBops plays K-Pop, Korean-Based Pop music, a rising genre that’s hitting countries all over the world!

Fridays 3pm - 4pm




Hosts: Henry Schaeffer

EREBUS is an exploration of the darker side of post-punk, synth-pop, EBM, and new wave with an emphasis on contemporary artists. Songs with vintage synths, melancholy melodies, distorted vocals, and more combine to give EREBUS its uniquely cold sound and atmosphere.

Tuesdays 9pm - 10pm

Postpunk, New Wave, Synthpop, EBM

Continental Drift logo

Continental Drift

Hosts: Kirby Wilkerson, Carolyne Materasso

Continental Drift is Atlanta’s longest running international music radio program. Featuring quality traditional and contemporary music from around the planet, you can listen to the world on Continental Drift. We play music from a different country every week!

Mondays 10pm - 11pm


100 wreks logo

100 wreks

Hosts: Renny Hyde

Inspired by renowned music duo 100 gecs, 100 wreks presents hyperpop, an emerging genre characterized by pitched vocals, maximalist synths, and a willingness to embrace the spirit of pop music in all its extremes. Tune in for a dose of pure energy from the best independent pop artists the digital underground has to offer.

Wednesdays 7pm - 8pm

Hyperpop, Digicore, Breakcore, PC Music, Nightcore

Lost In Oscillation logo

Lost In Oscillation

Hosts: Yasmine Jalali

Inspired by countless Internet blogs such as Die or D.I.Y.? and reissue labels such as Minimal Wave, Music From Memory, Dark Entries, and Mannequin Records, Lost In Oscillation focuses on preserving underground electronic music and even showcasing local and international experiments within the genre. It forges links between 1980s EBM and today’s industrial techno (think labels like Blackest Ever Black and Regis’ Downwards), early minimal synth projects and contemporary musicians channeling a sim

Saturdays 4pm - 5pm

Synthpop, Minimal Synth, New Wave, Industrial

The Ball logo

The Ball

Hosts: Ibrahim Hossam

Go beyond the curtain at WREK’s own discotheque, and rumor has it… we’re holding a ball. Tune in for a deep delve into the illustrious strings, symphonic synths, and infectious grooves of everything synthpop, disco, and house. Category is always pure dance perfection at The Ball.

Fridays 5pm - 6pm

Synthpop, Disco, Eurodance, Electropop, House

Invention For Radio logo

Invention For Radio

Hosts: Dylan Thomson

Inspired by Delia Derbeshire and and Berry Bermange, Invention for Radio explores the soundscapes of dreams (especially their recurring elements) via synthesis.

Saturdays 7pm - 8pm

Ambient, Glitch, Sound Collage

Stonehenge logo




Fridays 8pm - 12am

Classic Rock, Boogie Rock, Prog Rock, Garage Rock

Friday Night Fish Fry logo

Friday Night Fish Fry

Hosts: Nick Bell, Benjamin Shirley

Ready to party when you get off of work on Friday evening after a long week? Instead of listening to the top 40, listen to music you can really boogie to, the blues. The Friday Night Fish Fry brings you the best selections of blues every Friday evening. The Friday Night Fish Fry Crew will serve up cuts from Robert Johnson, Blind Willie McTell, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, RL Burnside, The Black Keys and many more. Also, listen in for special live performances from local Atlanta artists that wi

Fridays 6pm - 8pm

Blues, Blues Rock, Live, Local

Electric Boogaloo logo

Electric Boogaloo

Hosts: Alexander Mackintosh

Thursdays 11pm - 12am


Techniques logo


Hosts: Randall Moore, Juanito Alimana

The Wrecking Crew All-Stars: RanMo, Juanito, DJ Tommy BLK. Turntablism. Barz & Bio. Hip Hop Culture. The Longest Running Hip Hop Slot in the A. 37 Years of Thursdays on WREK. YouTube: WreckingCrewAllStars. Instagram: @techniquesradio.

Thursdays 9pm - 11pm

Hip Hop, Choice Cuts from the Crates

New Forces logo

New Forces

Hosts: Nate Ryerson

Every Thursday night from 7-8PM, we air The New Forces Radio Hour!! We play garage rock, punk, and everything in between. From no names to big names you can find it all here.

Thursdays 7pm - 8pm


Psych-Out! logo


Hosts: PSYCH

Psych-Out is a 60-minute technicolour dream through the world of psychedelia past and present. Devoted to freakouts, psych-pop, acid folk, drone, krautrock, spacerock, etc, your host Curtis is trying to make it as broad, and consequently as deep, as possible. Acid Mothers Temple, Flying Saucer Attack, Nurse With Wound, Incredible String Band, 13th Floor Elevators, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Taj Mahal Travelers, and maybe even some groups without 3 words in their title. It’s a freak scene!

Wednesdays 11pm - 12am

Psychedelic Rock, Sparse Rock, Drone, Shoegaze, Acid, Freak-Out

Friction logo


Hosts: PerezPrado

No, your radio isn't malfunctioning. Expand your perception of music. Sixty minutes of easy listening for the hard of hearing.

Wednesdays 10pm - 11pm

Noise, Experimental, Avant Garde

Destroy All Music logo

Destroy All Music

Hosts: DAM

Wednesdays 9pm - 10pm

Noise, Jazz, Avant-Garde, Improv

Mobius logo


Hosts: MOB

eclectic, ethereal, engaging, and otherwise excellent electronic music. featuring the finest established and up & coming local, national, and international artists across the electronic soundscape.

Mondays 5pm - 6pm

Electronic, Experimental, Ambient, Bitrock

Mountain Breeze logo

Mountain Breeze

Hosts: Regie Slater, Emily LeBlanc

Mountain Breeze showcases the sounds of bluegrass, folk, and all the Appalachia region has to offer. Tune in, relax, and let the plucky and energetic songs take you away to the mountains.

Thursdays 6pm - 7pm

Folk, Traditional Folk, Bluegrass, Appalachian, Singer-Songwriter

Live at WREK logo

Live at WREK

Hosts: Alex Tyler, Jude McLaren, Alex Akstens

Every Tuesday, we herd a bunch of degenerates that like to play instruments simultaneously near each other and have the cajones to call themselves a band into the studio and let them do their thing. Sometimes the results are so good that it makes cleaning up afterwards worth it. Check out our YouTube page for videos of past Live at WREK sessions.

Tuesdays 10pm - 12am

Live, Local

Tokyo Dreams logo

Tokyo Dreams

Hosts: Keely West, Vicky Grimes

Tokyo Dreams is a show centered around City Pop, a genre featuring the iconic and decadent songs from 1980's Japan. Inspired by western Pop and Jazz, City Pop captures the care-free and optimistic attitudes of Japan's 1980's economic boom. Our show explores these songs and more, taking time to dive into City Pop sub-genres like Vaporwave and Jazz Fusion for our monthly specials. Tune in for a blast from the past!

Mondays 8pm - 9pm

Japanese Pop, City Pop, Vintage, Jazz Fusion, Synthwave, Vaporwave

Goldsoundz logo


Hosts: Brooke Peterman, Emelia Gapp, Carson Elliott, Ella Dale

Playing the best in Indie Rock and Hipster Pop since 2006.

Tuesdays 6pm - 7pm

Indie, Twee Pop, Slowcore, Indietronic, Alt Country, Post Punk, Art Rock, Folk Rock, Garage Rock, Pop Rock, Power Pop

Sunday Special logo

Sunday Special


Every Sunday is a different special. The Sunday Special gives WREK's DJs some time to use their imaginations and do a little experimentation. Sometimes Sunday Specials focus on a specific genre that we don't cover in depth here at WREK. Sometimes we highlight a particular artist. It is always exciting. Tune in to hear our DJ's favorite music.

Sundays 7pm - 9pm

Ramblin' WREK Sports Show logo

Ramblin' WREK Sports Show

Hosts: Josh Idowu, Madison Meyers, Keshav Parthasarathy, Colton McDuffie

An all Georgia Tech sports talk show featuring debate on the latest games and previews of upcoming ones. We also feature special guests from analysts around the country to players and coaches themselves. You don't want to miss a minute of the fun, every Sunday 5-7 PM.

Sundays 5pm - 7pm

Talk, Sports

Lost in the Stacks logo

Lost in the Stacks

Hosts: Charlie Bennett, Fred Rascoe, Ameet Doshi

The one and only Research Library Rock'n'Roll show! Ameet and Charlie from the Georgia Tech Library pick a theme and free-associate an hour of music, interviews, and library talk every Friday for lunch. You'll hear indie rock, pop rock, alt rock, New Wave, and the occasional oddity in between interviews with students, faculty, and librarians.

Fridays 12pm - 1pm

Indie, Pop Rock, Alt Rock, New Wave, Talk, Interview

WREKage logo


Hosts: Paul Cashman, Tim Hurd

Your hosts Paul, Tim, Corey, Gilgamesh, Melkor, and ECHO play metal. On the radio! And it's not metal that you hear on commercial radio either (for example we play a lot of Cannibal Corpse..the clean/edited tracks anyway). Metal has a wide variety of subgenres, and we have most of them represented on our show, but each host has their own style they usually like to play. If you like a particular host, then look out for their shift on the show (individual shifts vary, we have 6 hours to fill so w

Saturdays 12am - 6am

Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal

Sub-Saharan Vibes logo

Sub-Saharan Vibes

Hosts: Cornelius Ejimofor

STILL NOT AN AFRO-POP SHOW! King Sunny Ade, Fela, Miriam Makeba, Master Drummers of Dagbon, people whose names we don't even know. From the modern to the ancient. Your hosts try to prove that African Music really is a "Vast Sprawling Cornucopia of Sound". Fortunately, that's not an especially hard task.

Mondays 9pm - 10pm

World, African, Afro-Beat

Pop Up Show logo

Pop Up Show

Hosts: WREK

This is where we’ll debut pop-up shows – “experimental” specialty shows that last for anywhere from a week or two to a few months. Maybe they’ll even become long-standing specialty shows at some point! Who knows!

Saturdays 5pm - 6pm

New show ideas

WREK the News logo

WREK the News

Hosts: Yashvini Deva

WREK the News is WREK's live news broadcast that recaps the top stories from the week's news. WREK the News seeks to inform the electorate with needed information in the voting booth, and we hope to accomplish this by analyzing political, economic, and social policies to uncover important facts.

Tuesdays 5pm - 6pm


Sassafras logo


Hosts: Evan Roberts, Nolan Brown

Mix of ambient house and electronic.

Sundays 4pm - 5pm

Ambient, Electronic

Electronic Soundsystem logo

Electronic Soundsystem

Hosts: Lance Lampert, Alex Tyler, Michael Ortega

Electronic Soundsystem is WREK's premier electronic radio show, spanning across all genres of electronic music except for fucking psytrance. Tune in every Saturday night for live DJs from Tech and around Atlanta. 20+ years and counting.

Saturdays 9pm - 12am

Live, Electronic, House, Techno, Breaks, Interview

Crush logo


Hosts: elise polo, oscar cleveland

Exploring the pioneers of the sound in the 80’s up to today’s take on the genre, Crush explores lush soundscapes of shoegaze and bright tones of dream pop. Crush plays classics such as My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and Pale Saints as well as newcomers to the style: Pinkshinyultrablast, Ringo Deathstarr, Tamaryn and many more.

Mondays 6pm - 7pm

shoegaze, dream pop, noise pop

54-46 logo


Hosts: Skyler VanderLaan

The best selection of reggae, ska, and other good stuff to be found. The chillest music around every week, along with contests when available. Tune in and as always, feel free to request any skanky goodness you please!

Thursdays 8pm - 9pm

Reggae, Ska, Dub, Two-tone, Rocksteady, Bluebeat

Hour of Slack logo

Hour of Slack

Hosts: HOS

The Hour of Slack was the compendium of the best and newest from all SubGenius radio & stage shows, bands, ranters, media barrage collage artists, plus the weirdest of the indie audio underground. 1,890 episodes of this jam-packed, samurai-edited juggernaut of raw, untamed SLACK are still available. The Hour of Slack was produced weekly since 1985 by REV. IVAN STANG (PO Box 807, Glen Rose, Texas, 76043, USA) -- more years than Johnny Carson or David Letterman were on the air. The show was discon

Sundays 12am - 1am

Bob's Slacktime Funhouse logo

Bob's Slacktime Funhouse

Hosts: Rev. Susie The Floozie

“Bob” says, “Too much is always better than not enough!” Get twice the Slack with Rev. Susie the Floozie

Sundays 1am - 2am

Girl Rock! logo

Girl Rock!

Hosts: Emerson Barrett, Abby Oser, Alexa Bowman Olay

Showcasing women & non-binary artists in indie rock, alternative, and beyond!

Tuesdays 7pm - 8pm

Indie Rock, Indie Pop