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girl rock! 4/16/24

by Abby Oser



Well... this is Emerson's "last show" (not technically)
This episode is all about HER!!! Her personal adieu to girl rock! and wrek!! So listen, enjoy, and say goodbye to Emerson :(

Cadwell Jungle // Samantha Crain
Fool // Frankie Cosmos
Tibetan Pop Stars // Hop Along
Get Ready 2 Rokk // Freezepop

Happy Ever After // Lera Lynn
Mother Mother // Tracy Bonham
Oh My God // Ida Maria
Pickles from the Jar // Courtney Barnett

Cool and Refreshing // Florist
In The Sink // Plumtree
Ghost Solo // Screaming Females
My Divorce // Darby Wilcox and the Peep Show

Supergiant // Valley Queen
No Telling // Claire Morales
Anti-glory // Horsegirl
Glitterspit // Sloppy Jane

i'm not crying you're crying // Pinkshift
Fences // Destroy Boys
S'il vous plait // Otoboke Beaver