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Secondhand Smoke

Genres: New Releases, Techno, House, Jungle, Electronic, and Live

Fridays 4pm - 5pm

Hosts: Alex Tyler

The latest in electronic and dance, mixed with its origins. Maintained exposure - its Secondhand Smoke.

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Secondhand Smoke 5.10.24

Like all good things, Secondhand Smoke must come to an end.

DJ Alex Tyler

Secondhand Smoke 4.19.24

Celebrating WREK women's week with some of my favorite femme releases of the last couple years.

DJ Alex Tyler

Secondhand Smoke 3.8.24

Dazegxd's set last weekend left me in the mood for jungle, so ended up listening to nothing but for the past week.

DJ Alex Tyler

Secondhand Smoke 3.1.24

Back at it with a nasty lil darkside mix.

DJ Alex Tyler

Secondhand Authentication 2.23.24

mikster36 of Two Step Authentication stops by for a nasty little B2B. Started with garage oldies and worked our way into some nasty UK Bass....

DJ Alex Tyler

Secondhand Smoke 2.16.24

Would ya look at that... It took me approximately three weeks to start mixing garage again. Back at it again with the new and unreleased, wi...

DJ Alex Tyler

Secondhand Smoke 2.9.24

Been in a Techno n Trance rut this past week but truly who's complaining. Really liking GT (Day Mode) from Danny Daze and Jonny From Space ....

DJ Alex Tyler

Secondhand Smoke 2.2.24

Kicking February off with a jungle mix. Who doesn't love a good Sade flip?

DJ Alex Tyler

Secondhand Smoke 1.26.24

Probably going to be the last garage episode for a minute, so I made sure to close out strong with some good ol' fashioned darkside. Pardon ...

DJ Alex Tyler

Secondhand Smoke 1.19.24

I think I have listened to United By Fate an unhealthy amount of time over the last two weeks. Really set the mood for this one, just cranki...

DJ Alex Tyler

Secondhand Smoke 1.12.24

Tonight's set was a little bit of everything, but with a focus on everything dub. Big ups to Exit Area for sending in a track for debut, 36 ...

DJ Alex Tyler