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Secondhand Smoke 4.19.24

Celebrating WREK women's week with some of my favorite femme releases of the last couple years.

Danced around here with something for everyone. Definitely letting the LUXE play in full though, those are simply too lush.


HONEY B - No. 1 Station
Maara - Can't Slo Down
Mia Koden - Apres Vous
Carré - Cute Mad
Amaliah Spooky Dub
D. Tiffany, Roza Terenzi - Gravity Bongo
LUXE, Angel D'lite - Dance Enchantress (Angel D'lite Remix)
Mabel - Wolf Bat
Maruwa - Dvizhenie
Yazzus, Yasmine Heinel - X-ism
Marijn S - Under The Lily Pads
Roza Terenzi - Stylish Tantrum
Baby T - Get To It
Kitsta - Liefmans
Ayesha - Ecstatic Descent
LUXE - Moonquake