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Secondhand Smoke 1.19.24

I think I have listened to United By Fate an unhealthy amount of time over the last two weeks. Really set the mood for this one, just cranking the bpm until I could work in the floor testers.


Drop In2 The Pain - SEL.6
Fresh One - Desert Sound Colony
Sixth Base - Kitsta
Dragonfly - Martyn, Om Unit
Lazy - Qant, Arthur Bodart
Again - Stones Taro
Broken Nails - DEFSET
Life of Crime - MoMA Ready
United By Fate - Yazzus
Square - Grindvik, Hardcell
Black Ice - Eev Frances
Nug Nation - Papa Nugs
Untitled B1 - Grain
Zoom - Deetron presents Soulmate
Give Em The Shoe - MoMA Ready
Rain - Instinct (UK)
Baby, Let Me Tell You... - DJ Antoine