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Secondhand Smoke 2.16.24

Would ya look at that... It took me approximately three weeks to start mixing garage again. Back at it again with new and unreleased, with a couple oldies sprinkled in.

Starting with a favorite from Plus One called Wonder, fantastic lil EP that was self-released. Expect to hear the other track Llamada Romantica very soon...

Also, loving the Main Phase and Stones Taro release that came out today. I played Know We off that release, the perfect vocal sample floating on one of the hardest dark garage tracks I've heard this year.

Closing strong n fast with some faster stuff, just had to end with Mikster36's Wiley flip of boom boom da na.


PLUS ONE - Wonder
Holloway - Echo Tone (Original Mix)
Mark Henning - Trojan (Original Mix)
Movement - Ravenz Ringtonez (Original Mix)
Prozak, Main Phase - Styla (Main Phase remix)
Nicolas Duque - If I Were
El-B, Roxy - Deep In Love
Ell Murphy, DJ Crisps - Arms Around
Holloway - Ease Up
Main Phase - Know We
Bailey Ibbs - Show Me What You Do
Prozak - Styla (Reprise)
Sage Introspekt - Vixen (Version)
Doc Zee - Contagious
Jon Buccieri - Eastern Spam
Bushbaby - Cutty Dub 23
CARCA, Young Earth Sauce - speedy skanka
Gemi - Buggin
PJ Statham - Together Dub
Wiley, Mikster36 - boom boom da na (Mister36 remix)