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Secondhand Smoke 1.26.24

by Alex Tyler


#secondhand-smoke, #garage, #live

Probably going to be the last garage episode for a minute, so I made sure to close out strong with some good ol' fashioned darkside. Pardon the intermittent crunchiness, just had to throw some of the classics in the mix.


Yl She's Away
- Joy Orbison, Mansur Brown
Cool Guy - Jubley
Missing You - SP:MC
Stargazer - Prozak
Marble Arch - Cortese
Maybe - Interplanetary Criminal
Sensational - Interplanetary Criminal
Geometric - Syz
Sounds Of Da Future - Menta
Galdem - Nienna
Bullseye - Sully, Jamakabi
Flip The Script - Bakey
Back Again - FSHR, PJ Statham
Neighbourhood (El-B Remix) - Zed Bias
Caracas - TC4
100% Publishing (Lo5ive UKG Mix) - Wiley
Forward - DJ Praeda & NinetyNine
Hyper! (Hype The Funk) - Reach & Spin
Has It Come To This (Pj Bridger Refix) - The Streets, PJ Bridger