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Vannam Vanam - Sid Sriram

by Vaishnavi Duvvuri


#vannam-vanam, #south-indian

Sid Sriram is an Indian singer who was an absolute sensation in the Telugu and Tamil industries in recent years.

He was born in California, learned Indian Carnatic music from the age of 3, and studied Music Engineering in Berklee College of Music. Through this interesting background, he curated a music style which had influences of American RnB and of Indian classical Carnatic music. He made both of these styles his own, and he already had his own niche and style of singing that no one else could emulate. And after being scouted by one of the greatest Indian composers, A.R Rahman, he started his career in the Indian music industry.

Today, we listened to our favorite songs from his vast discography.

Yadike - Kadali

Music Director: AR Rahman
Singer: Sid Sriram
Lyrics: Vanamali alias Manigopal

His debut song into the Indian music industry. This song is the Telugu dubbed version of the original Tamil song, "Adiye". A very interesting Jazzy style composition that's showcased through a very unique voice.

The first time I came to the WREK station, I was visiting my friend who played the jazz segment, and I thought to myself that once I become a radio jockey and start a Telugu and Tamil show, I’d def play this song one day. Def a must listen.

Yennai Maatrum Kaadhale - Naanum Rowdy Dhaan

Composer: Anirudh Ravichander
Singers: Sid Sriram
Lyricist: Vignesh Shivan

First Tamil song of the day. The song title “Yennai Maatrum Kadhale” means “A love that changes me”. My favorite part of the song is towards the end where the hook of this song overlaps with the hook of "Naanum Rowdy Dhaan", another song from the film, and it just emphasizes the emotions of the song and is a remarkable way to complete it.

Undiporadhey - Husharu

Composer: Radhan
Singers: Sid Sriram
Lyricist: Kittu Vissapragada

This song went absolutely viral when it first came out. A beautiful love song with a very unique composition style.

Anbae Peranbae - NGK (2019)

Composer: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers: Shreya Ghoshal, Sid Sriram
Lyricist: Uma Devi

An iconic song showcasing the combination of the superstar of Indian film music, Shreya Ghoshal, along with Sid Sriram.

Yegire Yegire - Madhanam

Composer: Ron Ethan Yohann
Singers: Shreya Ghoshal, Sid Sriram
Lyricist: Purna Chary

This song is not well known at all. But the way that the composer and singer portrayed the emotions of a new budding love - excitement, fascination, but hints and tinges of restlessness and confusion as well - was beautiful and delightful.

Thinam Thinam - Vaanam Kottattum

Composer: Sid Sriram
Singers: Sid Sriram
Lyricist: Siva Ananth

This movie, whose name translates to "Let it Rain", was Sid Sriram's debut movie as a composer. This song in particular is a completely different genre compared to most of his other works and most of the music common in Indian cinema, containing elements of RnB and Soul.

Neevuntey Chalu - Michael

Composer: SAM CS
Singer: Sid Sriram
Lyrics: Kalyana Chakravarthy

This song was so incredibly composed - the composer was able to combine the feelings of love and also dramatic torment and portray it so beautifully. It's an insanely difficult song to sing - Sid Sriram was the only one who could've done it.

Kaadhal Theevey - Dharala Prabhu

Composer: Sean Roldan
Singers: Sid Sriram
Lyricist: Nixy

Interestingly, every single song in this film was composed by a different composer. So 8 different songs and 8 different composers.
The main reason for picking this particular song for today’s segment was to commemorate the renowned actor and comedian Vivek’s final release before his death. This was his last movie, and in remembrance of him, we play this pretty and peaceful song sung by Sid Sriram.

Edho Solla - Murungakkai Chips

Composer: Dharan Kumar
Singers: Sid Sriram
Lyricist: Ravindhar Chandrasekaran

Our final Tamil song was Edho Solla from the 2021 adult comedy film Murungakkai Chips, meaning “Drumstick Chips”. A Remix of this song went viral on Tiktok and understandably so. It was living in my head rent-free for so long, so now I’m passing it to y'all.