100,000 watts of quality,
diverse programming

SWARM 1/15/24 #2

by Kline Pressley



Creation and Destroy - D-Clone
Mass Death and Destruction - Disclose
The Death is Singing with Wind - Crow
Contradiction of Life - Nitehowler
The Nightmare Continues - Discharge
Braincell Battle - Anti Cimex
Media Person - Rudimentary Peni
Failed - Cult Ritual
Left for Dead - Left for Dead
Will Is the War - Dead In The Dirt
Swarm - Palaces
Chosen - Thirdface
God Forbid - Downpour
Pleased to Meet You - Trapped Under Ice
Bostons - Have Heart
Dear Father - Defeater
Young Man Blues - Modern Life Is War
Fedallah's Hearse - Propagandhi
It's In The Blood - Final Fight
Seed of Hysteria - Exit Order
Baby Bloom - Destiny Bond
Dreamhouse - Pope Eyes
Primitive Desires - Jivebomb
Fed Up - Gouge Away