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mode8 #51: beachy-bossa nova

by Tyler Rhine


#mode8, #mode-8

As we approach the much-needed spring break at Georgia Tech, enjoy a selection of beachy and bossa nova-esque tracks to enjoy!

Spotify Playlist this time!

Summer (Tropicala) // Stardew Valley
Azure Archipelago // CrossCode
Bonfires – Slime Girls
File Select – Funk Fiction, GameChops
Destiny Islands // Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX
Galdin Quay // Final Fantasy XV
Melody of Jellyfish // Genshin Impact
The Color of the Summer Sky // Secret of Mana
Outset // Elli
Cape Caem // Final Fantasy XV
Ginger Island // Stardew Valley
Surfin' Unova – Louie Zong
Wild Pokemon! – Louie Zong
Tokyo Daylight // Persona 5
Sunshine Cassette // Sonic Mania
Tropical Resort (Act 1) // Sonic Colors
Yamcha – Maitro, Future Kitsune
Dry Reef Theme // Slime Rancher
Palmtree Panic // Sonic CD