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mode8 #49: Side Order of Legends Z-A

by Tyler Rhine


#mode-8, #mode8

In the last week, there were two announcements for game series that I enjoy: the DLC for Splatoon 3: Side Order and the trailer for a new Pokemon: Legends game following the universe of X and Y. Today, I am using these as excuses to play some music!

Youtube Playlist!

C0ld St0rage // Splatoon 3: Side Order
Dancing All Nightmare Wizard – Loki-mitsu
New World Order // Splatoon 3: Side Order
d3molish // Splatoon 3: Side Order
The Bishop – Type R
Ech0 0nslaught // Splatoon 3: Side Order
Empress of Light // Terraria
Battle! (Gym Leader) // Pokemon X and Y
The Kalos Power Plant // Pokemon X and Y
Battle! (Lysandre) // Pokemon X and Y
Blast of Wind // Gurumin
CITRUS! – lianhua
Battle! (Champion) // Pokemon X and Y
Spider-Man's Theme // Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Beloved Tomboyish Girl (Cirno's Theme) // Touhou Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Lumiose City // Pokemon X and Y