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mode8 #48: with a side of flash games

by Tyler Rhine


#mode8, #mode-8

Welcome back to another week! This week I uncovered a Youtube channel of Nitrome game themes, which inspired me to make this episode focused on Flash games across Nitrome, Coolmath Games, Newgrounds, and anywhere else!

Youtube Playlist!

The Fruitless Quests of Nabiu – MyNewSoundtrack (TerminalMontage animation)
Level Theme // Avalanche
Hole in One 2 // Rhythm Heaven Fever
Menu Theme // Canary
Main Theme // Earn To Die (2011)
OK // Rhythm Heaven Fever
Level Theme // Ice Breaker
Steamlands Battle: Remastered // Steamlands – Zame remix
Meteor Herd (Genesis remix) // Sonic Adventure 2 – MylesDeGreat remix
Order Station // Papa's Freezeria
Theme // Run 2
Theme // The World's Hardest Game
Chaoz Fantasy – ParagonX9
Milky Ways – Bossfight
The Race Around The World – Waterflame
Red River Boy – Michael Kohler