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mode8 #44: feels like 8 degrees outside

by Tyler Rhine


#mode8, #mode-8

Everyone make sure to bundle up and stay warm as you listen to mode8 this week! (unless you're listening from somewhere warm and sunny, which congrats) This week is another foray into chiptune, featuring plenty of artists I've accumulated.

tsilyalp ebutuoy

Summer Is Gone... Again – Slime Girls
Stardust – Kommissar
En Ful Hjalte – Robotprins
Recover (2019 demo) – EchoLane
There Was a Planet Here – an0va
Organized Green (live version) – Ken Ishii
The Deficit – Elseware
Beta Version – Michael Guy Bowman
Vivacity – Fighter X
Keyboards – Posy
diamond_lane.obj – Full Body 2
PNG – Breezesquad