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mode8 #40: Little Big Planet

by Tyler Rhine



I came across a video of a Little Big Planet edit online this week, and it got me thinking about the game franchise again – I used to play it all the time when I was younger and it's still among my best-remembered games. Interestingly, there's not a lot of original composed soundtrack used for the games, so much of it is licensed from outside artists instead. It makes for a unique game sound that perfectly matches the themes of creativity and mismatched beauty that makes the game what it is.
I also have an old playlist of all the tracks I could find on Spotify linked in this post too, as well as the show playlist of course!

Youtube Playlist (trying out the new embed!)

Orb of Dreamers – Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra // Little Big Planet (LBP) 1
Left Bank Two – The Noveltones // LBP 1
Get It Together – The Go Team // LBP 1
The Gardens (LBP 1 remix) // LBP Karting
Volver a Comenzar – Cafe Tacvba // LBP 1
A Go Go – Truby Trio // LBP 2
Automaton – Lorn // LBP 2
Popit Academy Term 2 – Si Begg // LBP 3
God Russik – Analogik // LBP 3
Funk Odyssey // LBP 2
Waltz of the Flowers (remix) // LBP 3
Ten Cities Beyond – Snake and Jet's Amazing Built Band // LBP Karting
Territorio – Mexican Institute of Sound // LBP Karting
Airbrushed (RAC remix) – Anamanguchi, RAC // LBP Karting

An old playlist I made before mode8 was a thing