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miku nation 2/8/24

by Simon zhang



i got a new banner... its probably not gonna stay up for long LOL as per usual


samfree - promise ft. kagamine rin and hatsune miku
ishibasu - kirai na hito ft. ia
iyowa - dreaming scales ft. chis-a
travis scott - telekensis ft. solaria miku, and stardust (covered by cereal experiments)
orangestar - noctialuca ft. ia
yuha - shopping dance ft. chis-a
23.exe - tsun tsun ft. miku
sebon - neogui ft. kafu
alternative - ironist ft. kasane teto
kizuna ai - hello, morning (Pa's Lam remix) ft. hatsune miku (covered by kyaami)
emon-tes - happy coaster ft. hatsune miku
junky - meloncholic ft. kagamine rin
wonderful opportunity - death should not have taken thee ft. kagamine rin and len