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messy life 3/28/24

by Devin Kelsey


Major mixed bag set today! I listened to I Hate Sex for the first time this week because I'm a poser. Turns out they're just as awesome as everyone says. As per usual, lots of brand new releases including tracks from widowdusk, Train Breaks Down, and basque. Also threw in some Summerbruise and Riley! at the end for no particular reason...

the cabs - nicol kills nicolas for nicola - the first action

widowdusk - It's a Kurt thing, YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND - Self-Titled

basque - Funeral For A Mouse - Pain Without Hope Of Healing

Big Hug - Cruellemonde De La Hi Fi - A Living You'll Never Know

Tidal Pull - Glas 42 - Kad imamo mirne glave

Burial Etiquette - For The Sake Of Comfort - Mis-en-scène

Train Breaks Down - Forty Hour Suit - S/T

I Hate Sex - San Francisco - Circle Thinking

Thursday - Magnets Caught in a Metal Heart - No Devolución

The Saddest Landscape - The Weight Of The World And Every Dress You Ever Wore - All Is Apologized for. All Is Forgiven

The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Texas Dolly - Nuclear. Sad. Nuclear

pneumonia. - i never developed into a real person - if only we could read between the lines we have drawn.

Summerbruise - Bury Me at Penn Station - Always Something

Riley! - My Chemical Dromance - Purrfect Weather