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Devin Kelsey


messy life 2/8/24

High energy set today! Highlights include Bucktooth Tiger with a really fun EP, a couple of cool splits, and the really obscure but also insanely awesome Proudentall who feature some of the best bass riffs I've ever heard in emo.

Bucktooth Tiger - Summer Rain

Twin Mill - Phantom

mis sueños son de tu adiós - a pesar de...

Sicada - more or less

Unwound - Nervous Energy

seahorsechoke - hermosa, the only one i love

yubiori - bird cage

Kidchen - Lo Que Tú Piensas Que Va a Llegar

i will be pretty when i die - flowers

Vs Self - Frances

Proudentall - Fader In/Out

Stippling - Old Cassette

Hot Rod Circuit - Safely