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messy life - 11/26/23

by Devin Kelsey



This show has a notable lack of skramz, save for the one poorly wrote suicide note feature. I guess I was feeling like giving more room for singing this week. Otherwise, a pretty good mix of totally new stuff and 90s / 2000s sleeper hits. Big highlights include this crazy track by completely new band The Death of James Dean, which kicks off with a blastbeat and then breaks into bossa nova, A Month of Somedays who wrote a song about my inner monologue when I'm up past midnight at Price-Gilbert, and Dear Ephesus, who sound like emocore Creed.

Cecily Renns // 로맨스 Romance

dating // Paw

The Death of James Dean // River

Salem's Corydalis; poorly wrote suicide note // No Head, No Legs

Heckdang // Ur #1 Tourist

M.I.J. // The Last Time Was

Rain Still Falls // Driver

Painful Choice // Vencido

A Month of Somedays // This Equation

Dear Ephesus // Butter Never Bleeds

Inválido // Solar

PostmodernHippie // wonderful everyday

Ippotsk // fall semester song