100,000 watts of quality,
diverse programming

messy life - 1/18/24

by Devin Kelsey



EMOVIOLENCE SHOW BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus some standard midwest stuff for the last 15 minutes or so! Also have a lot of non-English tracks today, which is always fun. Definitely a unique set with tons of new releases. Had to throw in some Michael Cera Palin in there because I had 'Southern Comfort' stuck in my head. Highlights include the absolutely killllerrrr track 'Atrophy:Angel' by fallingwithscissors and an acoustic-screamo-nightcore band called 'sonic06band'.

La Petite Mort | Oh Mec

fallingwithscissors | Atrophy:Angel

Alinah | tsunami!

Infant Island | Veil

widowdusk | I don't need you, or a drink,

sonic06band | neverchangingskies

Irma | Un centinaio di infelicità

Quiet Fear | Entre Las Manos Y El Colmillo

Be Safe | Replaceable Man

Scumma do Mar | Signorina

Michael Cera Palin | Southern Comfort

Blame Art | Simbionti

tommy oeffling | amy verbatim

Summerbruise | Roses (Stanley’s Song)

Everybody That Loves You | Monster Madness

Rest Ashore | Swordswallower