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messy life 1/11/24

by Devin Kelsey



A sorta winter themed episode seeing as it's been totally miserably wet and cold! Lots of great new stuff out this past month, including great screamo releases from Captain Jazz (not to be confused with the much more obscure 90s band), poorly wrote suicide note, and nearby Athens band Clavus. Hippie Love Party just dropped a great album, plus they're about to play a show with my friends in 15k Guns, which I only heard about after putting this set together. Lots to be excited about here!

Mineral | Waking To Winter

Gabardine | Make-Up Won't Cover It

carter c | sorry song

Estoy Bien | Una Vez Más

poorly wrote suicide note | winter song

Clavus | 1-800-DIE-RICH

Captain Jazz | The World Is a Marketable Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Sell

Trains To Juniper | Where Are You

Ippotsk; Synthesizer V ANRI | Another Ride

WillyRodriguezWasTaken | lost in translation

memory card | Why, Pt. 2

spiderhouse | Weatherman

Hippie Love Party | Romanticizing

Seven Gardens | So Long