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SWARM 2/12/24 #5

by Kline Pressley



This weeks show features only beatdown hardcore. It is often called tough guy hardcore because the majority of the songs feature heavy swearing with aggressive vocals. Anything that sounds remotely jockish would fall under this term. Beatdown often features heavy breakdowns and is the most popular type of hardcore to see live for this reason.

Together As None - Denied
Live to Regret - Swear To God
Karma - Next Step Up
All There Is - On Second Thought
Crash & Burn - Neglect
Resurrect - Kickback
Soul of Pride - No Retreat
Burdened By Chemistry (feat. Billy Hart) - KongStyle
Thick as Blood - Black My Heart
Shapeshifter - Gutcheck
Where Are We Going? - Cold as Life
Gridlock - Razor Tail
Puppet - Never Ending Game
Throne Of Judgement - Detain
Agony Loves Me - Brothers Till We Die
Where We Go to Bleed - To Victory
Big Bite - Speed