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涟漪 Lian Yi 6/24/24: Lazy Summer Evening

by Claire Deng



It's so good to be back! Let's kick back and relax this hot summer evening with some chill, laid back tracks. As always, anything with a * is an unofficial translation.

"I'm Alone Empty Feeling the Night is Long"* by Ash Lu x Taotao

"Loneliness Material"* by Bu Lu Xi* and Lodmemo

"What's The Weather Where You Are?"* by LÜCY

"Break Off" by LaLa Hsu feat. ABAO & Brandy, Gei

"My Top Bunk Buddy"* by Lao Lang, Dust in the Wind*

"Lady Bai Under Qingcheng Mountain"* by Good Meimei, Spring Grows*

"Falling Flowers and Rushing Waters" by Zhao Peng

"Depart" by Bestards, Sunny-Side Up

"Because The Phoenix Flowers Bloom"* by Lao Lang, Lu Zhong Qiang*, Gabriel Harrison

"Let the Body Speaks" by Sorry Youth ft. Enno Chang, Noise Apartment

"A Perfect Day" by Stefanie Sun, A Perfect Day"

"The Big Sun" by Ronghao Li, An Ideal

《我一个人空虚孤单发觉夜漫长》卢信宥 黄曦桃

《孤独材料》布鲁昔 诺米么








《共身躯完全放予去》拍谢少年 ft. 郑宜农,《噪音公寓》专辑中