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涟漪 Lian Yi 1/29/24: Childhood

by Claire Deng



Today's theme was about songs of childhood: specifically songs by adults reflecting back upon childhood. This was a fun trip down memory lane for me! As always, any translations marked with * are unofficial.

"Childhood" by Lo Ta-yu

"Oh You!"* by sodagreen, sodagreen

"Cloudy Day" by Stefanie Sun, The Moment

"Grandma's Penghu Bay" by An-bang Pan

"The Dull-Ice Flower" by Jenny Tseng

"Red Dragonfly"* by Little Tigers, Red Dragonfly*

"A Dandelion's Promise" by Jay Chou, On the Run

"My Deskmate"* by Lao Lang, Dust in the Wind*

"Rainy Season at Seventeen"* by Jimmy Lin

"En" by Ronghao Li, En



《天黑黑》孙燕姿,《The Moment》专辑中