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涟漪 3/25/24: Abolish Boring Ballads #5

by Claire Deng



It's good to be back! Let's kick things off with a spring in our step with these buzzy tracks. Anything marked with * is my own unofficial translation for your understanding– you won't be able to Google anything with it.

"What Brings You Here?" by Van Fan, Let's Rock, Love Songs!*

"Red Heart Guava"* by Young Drug, Aphid EP*

"Flying Fish (Sodagreen ver.)"* by sodagreen, Once in a Lifetime (sodagreen ver.)

"About Lilian" by Song Dongye, Ann Northbound

"Zhu Xing"* by Chen Li, Ru Ye*

"Movie" by Cosmos People, Earth Walk

"Midnight in Paris" by OHMYMEITING

"Strawberries in Paris" by Sticky Rice, The Bird King

"I'm a Fish" by Sunset Rollercoaster

"Parting Blossoms"* by Just South Kai*

"All to Weather You"* by JOYCE and CAsPER