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涟漪 Lian Yi 11/12/23: Abolish Boring Ballads #3

by Claire Deng



Y'all, I had such a tough time this week looking through the mediocre music landscape right now to find some new stuff. Still, here's the playlist that I put together. It's got a little bit of everything! As always, * denotes an unofficial translation.

《焦焦焦》– 陈奕迅,《CHIN UP!》专辑

《自娱自乐》– 金志文

《我愿意平凡的陪在你身旁》– 王七七

《那些失眠的夜与难以忘怀的事》 – 老王乐队,《吾日三省吾身》专辑

《真的爱你》 – Beyond,《真的爱你》专辑

《克卜勒》 – 孙燕姿,《克卜勒》专辑

《突然的自我》– 伍佰,《伍佰力》专辑

《鲜花》– 回春丹

《陪到最后》– 文慧如

《安和桥》– 宋冬野,《安和桥北》

《能不能和我留在台北(陪我几天)》– 冰球乐团

"Hold on a Sec" by Eason Chan, CHIN UP!

"Amuse Oneself" by Jin Zhiwen

"I Am Willing to Be By Your Side"* by Wang Qiqi*

"Those Sleepless Nights and Unforgettable Memories"* by Your Woman Sleep With Others, I Examine Myself Three Times a Day

"Truly Love You"* by Beyond, Back to Black Series - Beyond IV

"Kepler"* by Stefanie Sun, Kepler*

"Suddenly Myself"* by Wu Bai, Wu Bai Power*

"Fresh Flowers"* by YOUNG DRUG

"Till the End" by Boon Hui Lu

"Ann-Her Bridge"* by Song Dongye, Ann Northbound

"Can You Stay in Taipei with Me (For a Few Days)"* by icyball