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Gold Soundz 1.16.24

by Brooke Peterman



For this episode of Gold Soundz we played music from the Vault! We are currently going through some of our old music (boxes and boxes of vinyl that was in storage) and we found a box of archived Gold Soundz music! So for this episode we decided to play only CDs we found in that archived box! Hope you enjoy!

Our Deal // Best Coast
Towers // Bon Iver
Caving In // Kimya Dawson
Elemental Ways of Speaking // Apex Manor
Ready, Able // Grizzly Bear
Only Ones Who Know // Arctic Monkeys
Sweet // Cigarettes After Sex
This Old Dog // Mac DeMarco
Tuesday // the everybodyfields
Night of the Furies // The Rosebuds
Bizarre Love Triangle // New Order

Next week... we will have a special episode where we Interview pop artist Oliver Tree!